PhD students

Student Name Title Role Status
Sophie Rutter Children's real-life use of search engines in primary school Principal supervisor Active
Faisal Alvi Natural Language Processing Methods for Plagiarism Detection Second supervisor (with Mark Stevenson, Computer Science) Active
David Walsh Exploring Digital Cultural Heritage: supporting users initial encounters with new collections Principal supervisor Active
Xiaoli Chen (CERN) Crowdsourcing solutions for content curation in large-scale research digital libraries, with an application to a community-based information platform in High-Energy Physics Second supervisor (with Stephen Pinfield) Active
Paula Goodale Constructing personal narratives through exploration in cultural heritage spaces online Principal supervisor Active
Monica Lestari Paramita Methods to Build Comparable Corpora Principal supervisor Active
Munirah Abdulhadi An investigation into the use of social tagging for bilingual users of academic libraries Principal supervisor Completed (2015)
Simon Wakeling Establishing user requirements for a recommender system in an online union catalogue: an investigation of Principal supervisor Completed (2015)
Muhammad Adeel Mono-lingual Paraphrased Text Reuse and Plagiarism Detection Second supervisor (with Mark Stevenson, Computer Science) Completed (2013)
Rita Wan Chik Religious information seeking on the Web: A study of Islamic and Qur'anic information searching Principal supervisor
(taken on in 2010)
Completed (2012)
Antje Bothin Analysing Meeting Notes and their Role in Automatic Meeting Summarisation Principal supervisor
(taken on in 2009)
Completed (2010)
Murad Abouammoh Queries with more than one sense in the web, diversity and ambiguity Principal supervisor (taken on in 2009) Withdrawn
Rob Pasley Finding and defining vernacular geography using knowledge from unstructured data sources Principal supervisor Completed (2011)
Shahram Sedghi Relevance criteria used by health professionals in selecting medical images for educational purposes Second supervisor Completed (2009)
Azzah Al-Maskari Beyond classical measures: how to evaluate the effectiveness of interactive information retrieval systems? Second supervisor Completed (2009)
Johannes Schanda Novelty detection in remote databases Second supervisor Completed (2011)