Query Log Analysis: From Research to Best Practice

This website provides information about an event being held on 27-28 May (in London) to stimulate discussion on the analysis of log files and provide a forum in which to share experiences and best practice. The aim of this event is to establish a forum in which invited speakers from multiple disciplines can share and discuss their experiences from analysing query logs. By involving representatives from different disciplines and selected business communities, we hope to stimulate the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas to establish best practices for conducting and utilising query logs in practical commercial settings. By inviting well-known academics we aim to clarify current research (e.g. the terminology and approaches used), collate standardised procedures and resources commonly used, identify common challenges, and stimulate thoughts on future directions of the field.

Documents relating to the event include a preliminary flyer and a summary report.


This event is being funded by the European Union project on Evaluation, Best Practices and Collaboration for Multilingual Information Access