US Patent Number: 6424968: Information management system (for more information, search US Patents with the patent number). This patent was filed whilst I worked for BT at Adastral Park (UK).


An information management system is provided including a database and one or more data retrieval tools, a data retrieval tool being arranged to retrieve information according to registered interests of users of the system and to store data in the database relating to the information retrieved. User interests may be stored in the database as user profiles comprising one or more keywords. In addition, projects may be defined, each project having a profile stored within the system. A user interface enables a user to enter user and project profile or other information, and a data input tool is provided to generate from the user input one or more data sets for storage as profiles in the database, Control means are provided to take user input, submit it to the data input tool and to supply data sets generated and stored thereby to the data retrieval tool for use in searching and locating relevant information. A user may also manually select, from output by a data retrieval tool, information for persistent storage in relation to the user's profile or in relation to one or more projects to which the user has appropriate access. The control means may be arranged to control access by users to view or modify projects and to share associated information.

Broster; Ian (Market Rasen, GB);
Worsley; Michael (Freckleton, GB);
Maidment; Duncan (Coggeshall, GB);
Patel; Dipak (Wolverhampton, GB);
Clough; Paul (Woodbridge, GB);
Casson; Garry (Ipswich, GB);
King; Alan John (Ipswich, GB)

British Telecommunications public limited company (London, GB)
Appl. No.: 194188
Filed: November 24, 1998
PCT Filed: October 15, 1998
PCT NO: PCT/GB98/03101 371
Date: November 24, 1998 102(e)
Date: November 24, 1998
PCT PUB.NO.: WO99/21108 PCT PUB. Date: April 29, 1999

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