Only two weeks to go until the workshop starts – time to present the accepted papers. Of the 14 submissions we have received, the following 6 were accepted and will be presented at the workshop on March 24 in Sheffield:

  • Claude Draude, Goda Klumbyte and Pat Treusch: Re-Considering Bias: What Could Bringing Gender Studies and Computing Together Teach Us About Bias in Information Systems?
  • Christoph Hube, Besnik Fetahu and Robert Jäschke: Towards Bias Detection in Online Text Corpora
  • Vasileios Iosifidis and Eirini Ntoutsi: Dealing with Bias via Data Augmentation in Supervised Learning Scenarios
  • Serena Oosterloo and Gerwin van Schie: The Politics and Biases of the Crime Anticipation System of the Dutch Police
  • Alan Rubel, Clinton Castro and Adam Pham: Algorithms, Bias, and the Importance of Agency
  • William Seymour: Detecting Bias: Does an Algorithm Have to Be Transparent in Order to Be Fair?

A big thanks to everyone who submitted something and congratulations to the authors of the accepted papers. We are looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield.